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Sales Manager

    Location:Shenzhen Recruitment number:1 Deadline:2019.9

    First, the job requirements:

    1. College degree or above, more than two years of foreign trade work experience, especially in the electronics industry;

    2. Strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;

    3. Be able to actively develop customers and tap potential customers.

    4. Understand the foreign trade operation process and have basic foreign trade knowledge.

    5. Independent operation and maintenance of B2B (Made in China, Alibaba) platform and SEO network optimization, priority

    6. Fresh graduates who can work hard and work hard can also be considered. Our company will cultivate unconditionally.

    Second, job responsibilities:

    1. Use B2B (Alibaba, Made in China) platform to sell and promote the company's products;

    2. Operate and maintain the SEO network optimization platform

    3. Participate in foreign industry exhibitions and major domestic exhibitions, and communicate with foreign customers.

    4. Be good at using the online social platform to develop customers.

    5. Responsible for the maintenance and follow-up of the developed old customers;

    Third, the salary structure

    Basic salary + business composition + other bonus

    Universal for all positions

    Five insurance and one gold weekend weekend



    1. Five days and eight hours of work, working hours 8:30-18:00;

    2. Comfortable office environment, clean room;

    3. Career development counseling to help employees learn, add value, and improve themselves;

    4. One annual salary increase and promotion opportunity;

    5. Employee birthday gifts, organize a group tour every year, and distribute employee benefits during the holiday;

    6. Enjoy legal holidays, five insurance and one gold.

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