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Gaming Card Reader WBSR-1000

Half Insert RF and IC Card Reader

Read and write RF card and IC card function, all kinds of cards need to comply with relevant standards; RS232 serial port and USB to RS232 serial port interface function; compact design, easy to disassemble, easy to install and integrate all parts of the service life of more than 500,000 operations Lifetime, support for the expansion of PSAM cards. Comply with various applications in the financial industry, power industry, communications industry, and transportation industry related businesses.

The company's new research and development is mainly aimed at the casino game hall readers. It is powerful, compact and beautiful. It is suitable for most casinos and game halls.


1)IC/RFID card read/write, all kinds of card need to be compliant with related standard, please refer to technical specification.

2)RS232 and USB interface for option.

3)Compact and reasonable appearance design, easy disassembly and installation, the life span of the whole parts are above 500,000 times.

4)Support PSAM card extension, it is compliant with all kinds of applications like financial industry, electric power industry, communication industry, transportation industry and some other related industries.
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